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Embedding intelligence into devices: Technology drives every aspect of our daytoday life everything is turning smart – our homes, our belongings, our offices, our cars, and potentially even our cities. Smartphones that combine all of the functionality of several devices; IP set-top boxes that converge broadband and television; video phones which bring us loved one much closer not only family and also relatives, friends; and high quality entertainment systems that are constantly pushing to further – consumer electronics goods which is all the action brings in that electronics.

Gharuda is there:

The increasing reliance of new various technology and machine-to-machine communication which brings us to know about the important need to test, enhance, customize, and integrate systems correctly. Due to this the constant pressure of falling pricing in this highly competitive industry.

At Gharuda, we assist you develop intelligent consumer electronics and smart devices that cut across the clutter and meet your customers' demand for convergence and innovation.

Whats we set apart:

Dedicated Centre's of Excellence in technologies that can able to produce power to the consumer devices what client needs

Strong expertise in independent verification and validation with a library of over 1,000 test cases

Deep domain expertise that has, over the years, translated into a range of advanced products and solutions

Exclusive focus on niche skills across the organization

We provide component development and integration services that enable you to take high quality.